The Winds of Change.
Date: Sunday, October 23 @ 18:34:34 BST
Topic: News

Hey guys,

Wow, it's been a couple of weeks of change here in LoD!

The first change was that I decided to step down as GM after the best part of six years. There are many, many reasons for this but the fact is that I couldn't commit anywhere near enough time to the game or the guild to run it effectively. Hell, if we are being honest I haven't run it for a long time :P

It is with GREAT pleasure that I introduce you to your new GM, the man who has been at the heart of the guild for a long time, the oldest WoW player I think I have ever met (he's about 90 now, I think!)!...




And the second change for us - the new realm.

Lightning's Blade hasn't been healthy for years (if it ever was) and in the last couple of months it has been in terminal decline for Alliance players, so we have decided to move the guild to new pastures - where we hope the grass is much greener.

Our new home?

Grim Batol!

I've had a play around on it and am more than happy with the choice - it has an almost 50/50 split of Ally to Horde and has a thriving AH, city chat, etc, etc. It's like a whole new world!

If you have just joined us from GB then - WELCOME!!!!

We are very much aware that transfering characters to new realms is not cheap so we have come up with an idea that gives everyone options.

First - feel free to transfer any of your chrs over - just post in forums which is going (and check with an officer if you want to be helpful and carry some things from the guild bank over :) )

For transfering mains - some have gone already, but I think the idea is to keep raiding on LB and transfer en masse on the 15th November.

Second - and what a few of us have done - roll a brand new level 1 and start over amongst your fellow guildies. Definitely a cheaper option, and maybe more fun if there are a lot of you levelling together :D

Anyhoo, that's it for now....LB is dead, long live Grim Batol!!!!!!

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