A New Start !
Date: Thursday, November 17 @ 12:39:28 GMT
Topic: News

Hi guys,

League of Dusk, a guild, a Hug, a “Family” !..... In the Book of its 6 years History, this Guild “turned” yesterday, officially too, the Page, completed a hard job called “migration”…..many thanks to all of you who helped so much on this, guys!

With a bit sadness leaving LB, a realm in wich we have great memories, but with happiness arriving in a plenty of everything realm Grim Batol, We are ready to face and “make” our Future ! Addicted to Love :) and stucked on the spirit of friendship, good will, understanding and having Fun yeah! We go on!

For all of our members , but for the new friends who are visiting this page, I would like to give here once again our “picture”, they way we will make new History :)

So, one guild, 3 lovely teams!

Raiders !_______ The ultimate team who open the roads for all of us! To much work here !:) LoDs can guarantee great cooperation, fun raid times and yes, progress ! Hundreds of plans and schedules from our Raid Admins And really good preparations and behaviors from our raiders

Socials !_______ The main body of this huge “Family” !....... Friendship and love “live” here :). Is really amazing when someone is asking for something in guild-chat, the way all others answering and trying to help…..crazy dungeon times, accies runs with laugh ……..with one word , the wish “Have Fun” , here becomes Reality !

And our 3d team, PvP-ers !_______ The “Hordies Lesson” :) Really crazy soldiers ready to run after the bad guys! 10 of us are enough for 40 hordies, lol………cause these boys are Heroes!:) and know how to do it!

So, our new friends,_____ With these 3 teams in our Hug, we are ready to welcome any of you, wanna join and have fun with us. Our Co’s are ready to help and explain, all the details a new member must know, so he can feel comfortable and enjoy the game as a Dusker. And our HC’s (High Council) are there always, to help everyone and to guarantee that the democracy and justice will be for ever , the Flag of LoDs :)

So my beloved Duskers!_____ We are here in Grim Batol, it is DONE ! :)
Best wishes from heart for a great Future !
Keep up the already amazing work !
Keep laugh as you only know!
Keep enjoy this game with the unique way Duskers always made!

……../standing in attention and salut !


This article comes from League of Dusk

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