Come to find us in our new home!
Date: Monday, October 01 @ 14:17:15 BST
Topic: News

As old friends know and the new realize everyday,
Communication is a paramount concern of league of dusk!!
As everything is changing and getting better,
we had the Need to enter a new and modern era on this level too :)

So,after 7 years and thousands of posts here,we are leaving with mixed but lovely feelings our Forum here

and we continue this part of our History, in a completely new area, in a new site !

I want to thank in the name of LoD and personally,
Magpyr and Kazum (the creators of forum and guild) for all their help till today about this Forum and to
invite them both, to hug us again in our new one.

So, ladies and jentelemen
The Voice and Heart of Duskers beat from now on, here:

We are waiting for you all !


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